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Cape Cod

Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Original 0.75 oz bags 24 ct
iq bars

IQ Bar

IQBARs keep you full, focused, and energized all day long with clean, simple ingredients. Each bar contains 6 Brain Nutrients, 12g Plant-Based Protein, 6g Prebiotic Fiber, 1g Sugar, 3g Net Carbs, and 160 Calories.

Blake Protein Bar

Blake's uses a blend of superfood seeds (pumpkin, sunflower and flax) combined with fruit or chocolate for a great tasting, allergy friendly, nutritious bar.
autumn gold bar

Autumn Gold Grain Free Bar

16ct Autumn’s Gold Grain Free Granola Bar is a delicious blend of simple, high quality ingredients like nuts, seeds, and a touch of natural sweetness to craft a baked-in flavor you can feel great about.
boom chicka

Boom Chicka Pop

Kettle Corn: Sweet & Salty 1 oz bag 24 ct
chef stick buffalo

Chefs Cut – Stick- Buf

16ct x 1oz, Sticks Chef’s Cut Real Snack Sticks™ Buffalo Style? Perfect. Using our carefully crafted combination of cayenne red peppers, sea salt, and garlic powder, and real chicken, we created your favorite restaurant buffalo wings, chef-crafted to go.
sesame thins

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit

Made with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), fruit and dairy-free chocolate chips, our nut-free trail mix is both wholesome and delicious. Great for people with nut allergies, people who don’t like nuts or for school-safe classroom snacks.
inka chips

Inka Plantain Chips

Inka Plantain Chips are made from a special variety of the banana family that is intended to be cooked before eating, rather than eaten raw like "dessert" bananas.
jerky stick

Chefs Cut – Stick- BBQ Chicken

Smoked chicken is slow. You move fast. Chef’s Cut Real Snack Sticks™ Barbecue Chicken lets you dine and dash. Packed with protein, and crafted by a chef from real cuts of chicken and his secret recipe BBQ sauce, it’s fine cuisine that moves at your speed. No charcoal required.
kettle chips

Kettle Chips 1.5oz

Kettle cooked potato chips have a hearty crunch and are great for dipping Made with Natural Ingredients
pirate booty

Pirate’s Booty Baked Rice & Co

Baked Rice and Corn Puffs White Cheddar 0.5 oz bag 40 ct
chef jalapeno

Chefs Cut – Stick- Jal

Crafted with 100% all-real premium ingredients, this is a cuisine that’s convenient: Real jalapeño flakes and the perfect blend of premium cuts of pork and steak. Bring the heat to the street with the snack that makes you feel like you have your own personal chef in your pocket
chef stick

Chefs Cut – Stick- Orig

Original Smokehouse Real Snack Sticks™ are protein-packed, made with fine cuts of steak and pork, and marinated with a blend of garlic, pepper, brown sugar and a hint of mustard. It’s a moveable feast that is ready to go wherever you go.