Snack Boxes

We offer remote options for the team spread out across that states.

We are shipping a variety of snack boxes for your remote team for all budgets and dietary restrictions.  Our boxes have many options and below are just a few of them.  Contact us for customization and bulk purchasing discounts on our snack boxes.

Office Snack Boxes
Each box has no more then 10 of the same snacks

These snack box are perfect for the hybrid model workplace. We ship larger size boxes ranging between 100-500 snack boxes with a variety of options.

15 snack box
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100 Snacks – Office Kit

15 snack box
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200 Snacks – Office Kit

15 snack box
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300 Snacks – Office Kit


Snack Options Exist

We will work with you and create a remote snack solution for your team.

Extend the breakroom, remotely!

We provide options to bring back the breakroom perks to the remote team. Contact us today to see out options